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Light Energy Explained     ~                          We carry the Definition of Light Energy


                        WITHOUT IT     

                                      THERE  IS  NOTHING   


... providing ongoing electrical energy balance / delivery / boost  for :
... environmental conditions  that result in
imbalances, illness, dealth ...

The light-energized products 
were envisioned with these things in mind
We hope this will be our contribution to humankind  

You may be asking yourself what is light energy ?    Every cell in your
body has an independent intelligence about itself,  its surroundings
and its cellular responsibilities.  Different cellular groups have different 
functions.   Cells are naturally programmed to focus on their particular
tasks  as they relate to your health and existence.

More than 99% of every atom and cell in your body is composed of light
energy.  Light energy is the energy that pervades the entire universe. 
The majority of light-energy waves are non-visible and exist at different
wave frequencies than visible light.   Each of the body’s cellular
complexes responds to different light frequencies in different ways.   
It is the usage of light~wave frequencies that allow these light~energized
products to be absorbed and utilized by the body at the cellular level.

When you think about all the things your body does,  you will realize
that your body is literally running itself.   We don’t consciously instruct 
it to do anything regarding health and living.   Every cell plays its
own independent role in keeping us alive and healthy.   All cells need is
for us to provide the right thinking,  the right nutrition and body energy,  
and most of all,  purposely maintain the cleanest,  safest internal
environment possible.   When your cellular processes are disrupted for
any extended period,  chances of illness and / or death are heightened.

Many of us are looking for some physical organ,  like the brain,  that
houses our body’s internal wisdom.   It’s hard to visualize that this
non~visible light-energy comprises most all of our human existence.  
Every single molecule of our being is almost entirely made up of the
same light~energy that illuminates the world and energizes all there is.   
As marvelous as your brain is,  it is composed primarily of light~energy
that functions at,  and responds to,  millions of different light wave

Your thoughts and mind~set can,  however,  play a major role in the
balance and success of cellular function in the brain,  as well as every
organ in your body.  It’s a little known fact:  the body responds positively
to positive thoughts and negatively to negative thoughts and conduct.

When we began making light~energized products in 1987,  we found
that humans,  as well as animals,  responded to the products'  intense
energy makeup,  especially when matched up to crucial areas of
imbalance.   Whether the imbalance was caused by injury,  illness or
disease,  light~energy, at specific frequency signals, made a difference

You and I don’t have to understand how the Sun  stays suspended in
space and energizes the entire solar system,  for us to enjoy and benefit
from all its limitless force and energy.   You don’t have to understand
how these light~energized products work,  in order for you  to benefit
from all their life enhancement properties.

When you breathe,  you are breathing air that is composed almost
exclusively of light energy.   The same is true about the water you drink
and the food you eat;  both are primarily made up of light~wave energy.

Every thing there is …. is composed of light wave energy.   Your body
responds to these highly charged light~energized products because
those products produce higher levels of energy than the body can
acquire from any other resource.

These Energy~Based solutions are made from water.   Water is an
excellent conductor of electricity.   Since the body requires electrical
energy to move signals from one place to another,  water becomes an 
 element for carrying life sustaining signals.

The body depends on  its water base to sustain the electrical potential
of the neurons as well as each cell's electrical voltage or current.  
The cells depend on
this electrical current to facilitate the movement of
impulses.  These electrically stimulated impulses trigger or signal all of
the body parts  to carry out their vital tasks.


Capsules, pills, powders, and tablets are not considered good conductors
of electricity.  Manufacturers have not considered the body's electrical
needs  when they make substances that act as carrying agents for drugs,
medicines, vitamins, minerals, herbs,  and other dietary supplements.  
These substances carry virtually no positive electrical charge or voltage.  
In fact, water carries a negative charge  of approximately 45 millvolts.
DNR, Inc.


 A Story about 

 Energy Vibrational Frequencies

When energy moves,  it vibrates.   It vibrates
at a frequency specific to its source.   

For instance,  the energy vibration emanating
from a corn plant may be entirely different
than that of a tomato plant. 
Each plant has its own natural frequency. 
The same is true with each food plant,  herb
plant,  or anything that produces energy, 
including man.

Not only does a corn plant have a different vibrational frequency than any
other plant,  each species or hybrid of an energy source has its own natural

Man is a species and all male and female humans have a lot in common.  
We men and women are born with identical functioning organs and glands
that vibrate at the same frequency  ( frequency meaning rate of vibrations )

Sometimes an organ or gland will be weak or not performing properly.  
Its frequency vibration will also be weak or distorted,  but the frequency
vibration remains the same,  just weak.

Like a radio when the broadcast station signal gets weak,  the volume
control has to be turned up.   This is known as raising the amplitude.  
This is what  DNR  energy products are designed to do :  
provide matching vibrational frequencies  with sufficient amplitudes 
to any low resonationg cellular complex.   Whenever the energy of a
particular source is weak or distorted,  its vibrational frequency will be
weak or distorted.   DNR  energy-based products  provide sustainable
elecrical energy accompanied by a series of select frequencies  
that match the particular needs of specific areas of the body.

When you read about DNR, Inc.  capturing the energy of a particular
plant or other resource,  we mean we have identified and picked up
its energy vibrational frequency.   This would be similar to a radio
receiver  picking up a broadcast signal from a radio station.

Once we capture the energy frequency of a particular plant,  we always
have it  to use in any formulation where it is needed.   The same is true
with any resource where we capture its energy frequency.

However,  after we have included it into our inventory of frequencies, 
it must than be boosted for maximum energy and vitality and kept in an
environment  conducive to maintaining its vibrational integrity.

You and I are much like the automobiles we drive.   We both have a lot
of moving parts  that vibrate at different frequencies.   Whenever one 
part gets out of balance and begins to vibrate at an unacceptable rate,
the entire car or body begins to produce a discord that must be
addressed or it will begin to get worse. 
Just like your car,  all your parts are designed to move in harmony and
be synchronized  to vibrate as one.   That is known as balance.   
DNR, Inc. products  assist the body's ability  to obtain this balance 
by way of meeting electrical needs provided through the signals of each 
DNR, Inc. Product.                                                         


How Body Soaks are Formulated to Work

Imagine, just a few  short years ago, scientists developed a new way to unlock hotel / motel room doors without using expensive keys.   Now, by taking a small credit card size piece of plastic,  the hotel front desk can encode signals that can unlock a specific guest room door.   The little strip on the back of the card can hold thousands of bits of information, just like your credit cards.

These products have been successfully encoded with specific energy signals into energy based water solutions.  
Like key cards,  these solutions can hold thousands of bits of information.   These energy encoded solutions can then be used in products for oral,  topical and bath soak applications.

Each individual formulation, upon the appropriate contact with the body, sends subtle energized light-wave signals to targeted areas of the body.   Each formulated item will carry an electrical charge with a select group of subtle energy codes that deals specifically with certain conditions and /or areas of the body.

The body's sensitive, yet complex, communication system responds to these signaling impulses,  in a manner similar to your TV or garage door opener when it responds to your remote controls.   Sensors in the body detect these light activated signals and respond according to their encoded frequency selection.

The electrical charge in each formulation is sufficient to trigger the movement of natural energy throughout the body, as well as energy pathways that may be blocked or too weak to be utilized by the body.

During each soaking period, the soaks trigger all the areas of the body needing attention.  Toxins of all kinds are encouraged to move  outwardly  through the pores of the skin where they can do no harm.  They are not  broken down and circulated throughout the body.  Toxins move to the surface of the skin and are attached to the hair & skin, until they are washed away.

The electrical charge in each Body Soak offers the body's 1,300-plus acupoints,  a triggering or stimulation, of sorts.   This, along with the coded frequency signals and the body's natural feelings of vitality and energy, can bring about the restoration of balance.  .....  by DNR, Inc.


So,  What's so Special about your Body's own Electricity ?

Have you ever wondered why doctors apply electrical current to the heart during cardiac arrest ?   Why they don't give the patient a drug, herb or dietary supplement ?   It is because they know that the body's electrical system has somehow malfunctioned and needs an electrical boost,  and that nothing else will take the place of an electrical stimulation.  
And, what happens when the heart's own pacemaker malfunctions ?   An electrical pacemaker device is inserted.   All the herbs, vitamins, minerals, medicines or drugs  cannot take the place of the electrical pacemaker inserted into the patient's chest.

The body needs a stable and balanced electrical system.

DNR researchers have recognized the body's need for a stable and balanced electrical system.   It is the body's nervous system that initiates the electrical signals that bring about the electrochemical responses that insure the body's organs, glands and systems will function correctly.   It is the electrical capacity in the body's brain cells  that trigger communication back and forth between the nervous system and immune system.

Without balanced free-flowing electrical impulses moving throughout the body, the immune system cannot effectively deal with invading parasites, bacteria, viruses or disease.   Without balanced free-flowing electrical impulses moving throughout the body, we would become nothing more than a mindless stationary object.

The body is composed of approximately 75% water.   This water is found in many different forms :   blood (95% water), tissue, protoplasm, lymph, mucous fluids and other cellular structures.  Why?   Water is an excellent conductor for electrical currents and signals.   [This is why DNR uses specially treated water molecules to carry electrically charged energy frequencies (impulse signals) to vital areas of the body.]

Every single cell in the body is electrical in nature.   The body is electrical. Its chemistry depends on electricity.   When its electrical capabilities have been altered or have run down,  it is not looking for a tablet, a pill or a capsule---it is looking for an electrical signal or boost.

Your body also needs an electrical boost, just like your car does when the battery runs down and can't start your engine.   Any service station can help start your car by charging or jump-starting the battery.   However, when dealing with the body's engine, these products are uniquely different in that they are technically and scientifically designed to help the body jump start itself and maintain its own electrical and energy resources.

The automobile engine that runs on gasoline can't start itself.  The battery must first ignite the gas.  It is that electrical spark initiated by the battery that comes in contact with the fuel that creates energy.   Again, like your car engine, your body needs the same electrical spark to ignite your energy resources.   The elevated electrical charge found in all DNR light-activated products has been placed there to ignite and maintain the energy-potential of every user.

These light-energized products look watery like any aqueous liquid.   However, the special minerals placed in these energized products have been crystallized to the proper microscopic size so they continually move in total suspension.

The amount of mineral particles is important due to the electrical charge requirements of the finished product.   In order to maintain an adequate electrical charge and the thousands of coded frequency signals, there must be a sufficient number of mineral molecules suspended in each different product.   Each charged mineral and water molecule becomes somewhat like a radio station that produces powerful signals to be picked up by waiting receivers.

The technology is derived from the most advanced thinking and science.

Research demonstrates the body's need for an electrochemically balanced energy source in order to maintain health and extend its ability to heal itself.  When the body is toxic and out of balance, it cannot manifest the necessary vitality that is needed to maximize all its systems.  When the body's subtle energy movement is blocked or insufficient, its organs and glands become starved of the vitality and energy needed to carry on their life-sustaining functions.

When the body is retaining metallic or chemical toxins, like mercury and pesticides, its hormone-producing network malfunctions and the entire endocrine system becomes vulnerable to false messages or signals.  These false signals can bring about mental confusion and stress, as well as mislead the organs and glands into believing they are functioning correctly when in reality they are failing.

Your body can only heal itself when it is in balance and ample energy moves freely throughout the body.  It must be able to release and remove chemical or metallic toxins and maintain enough vitality and energy to support its healing and immune system capabilities.

These light-energized products are formulated to help the body :

Increase its own vitality  ~  your vital organs require an ample and constant flow of energy.

Support, balance & rebalance when necessary  ~  your body simply cannot heal itself when it is out of balance

Unblock & maintain free flowing energy movement  ~ blocked energy pathways are a major cause of many illnesses & diseases

Strengthen its own healing & immune system  ~  not only getting well, but staying is an important function of the immune system

Release & remove chemical and toxic waste buildup  ~  because of the environment & available food sources, none of us are free from toxicity

DNR doesn't need to make any healing claims.   Only the body can heal itself !

Science is aware that no medicine, drug, or supplement can heal or cure the body.  Medical Science knows they are merely treating symptoms.  However, Medical Science is not generally convinced that the administering of drugs can, in fact, suppress symptoms and force conditions deeper into the body.  It is here they can continue to spread into more severe conditions of imbalance often causing more severe forms of illness and/or disease.

Today's best dietary, homeopathic or herbal formulations are not made or capable of supporting your body's electrical requirements.  Neither are prescription drugs or medicines.  The most potent drug or over the counter medicine is generally developed to treat symptoms.  They are made to support the body's chemistry, not the body's electrical needs.  Your body requires bioelectricity movement to elicit the chemical signaling that runs the body.  Simply put,  your body needs electrical energy to heal itself and stay well.

Not only are all of these light-energized products safe, but also effective and fast in supporting the body's electrical and chemical performance.  Each product's collection of coded frequency signals has been created to match up to specific areas or conditions found on or in the body.  These highly charged electrical signals were created to help the body bring about its own adequate production of electrical impulses.  These impulses are instrumental in assuring that all vital functions are properly carried out through the entire body.

All of your body's motor skills depend on having enough electrical force and balance in the muscles, ligaments and tendons to facilitate strength and coordination.  Your body's nervous system requires substantial electrochemical energy,  so that when it is called on to produce a signal, or move a neurotransmitter to an appropriate receptor site, it can do so.   Without this capability the nervous systems cannot deliver adequate communication signals to vital areas of the body.

The body's central nervous system, immune system and cardiovascular system must be able to electrically communicate.

Your body's immune system is in constant contact with the body's central nervous system.  Since the immune system is the body's "watch dog" against harmful invaders, it must be able to depend on a continuous and sufficient amount of electrical energy delivery throughout the entire body.

Your cardiovascular system also relies on a steady flow of electrical energy.   These light-activated products are developed especially for the heart's electrical balance and support.   Remember, the body is designed to respond to electrically charged and coded messages that can bring about healing, establish health, and restore harmony.   Due to environmental conditions constantly causing unbalances and toxicity, your body may need detoxification as well as an ongoing electrical energy boost.

All of these light-energized products were envisioned with these things in mind.   We hope this will be our contribution to mankind.


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/ Monthly  SPECIALS
     from our store of products

Video:   Light  and  Water Energy
               their part in our health

                   Head Points

Along a straight line  on the center
of the head are several key
balancing points :

Pituitary -
hormonal gland that
controls activity of many glands. 
Secretes growth hormones and
maintains water balance.

Hypothalmus - controls
many of
the body's automatic and hormone
related activities.
Concerned with the control of vital
functions such as eating, sleeping
and temperature
Linked closely with the endocrine
system (hormone).
Initiates release of 7 different
hormones to the pituitary.

Thalmus - acts as the central
telephone exchange
between the spinal cord and the
cerebral hemispheres.

Pineal -
produces seratonin,  a
neurotransmitter important to 
sleep, sensory perception,  
weight control. Tryptophan, a
potent vasoconstrictor,  is
a precursor to seratonin.
          - produces the hormone
melatonin used in the immune
to fight cancer and
regulate sleep.

Cerebellum - responsible for
coordinating movement and
maintaining balance.

8 Basic Balancing Points

Video :
  click here to watch 
Learn how and where to apply
the products to these points