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sh                                      DYNIQUE            ~           Face Lift  Strap
sh                                      DYNIQUE            ~           Face Lift  Strap
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one strap

To be used along with  DYNIQUE  Body Soak / Wrap  solution to smooth,  firm  and tighten the areas of the face, neck  and chin.

This strap allows you to hold the solution in place to these areas,  giving you the maximum cosmetic effect of the skin's appearance,  without concern of any harmful side effect.

Facial puffiness brought about from excess fluids stored in the cheek and jowl areas,  plus hanging skin under the chin from weight loss,  aging or  excess fluid can make us look older than our years,  self-conscious,  and even looking as though we are carrying more weight than we are.    Using this approach will tighten the excess skin and bring about a more normal and acceptable contour.    TRULY A NATURAL FACE LIFT !

Men and women alike have experienced / enjoyed the immediate improvement in their appearance around the face, neck and chin area. 

The strap and solution together provide an uplifting look,  tightens and firms stretched skin, smoothes wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, as well as the flabby hanging skin alon the chin line  -  this all helps your face look thinner and years younger !

USAGE :      a 45 minute application where the heated solution is held tightly around the face and lower chin area.

                    Instructions for Maximum Results :           3 lifts  ................. 1st week

                                                                                     3 lifts  .................  2nd week

                                                                                     2 lifts  .................  3rd week

                                                                                         as desired,  thereafter

                    Shake very well before using each time.

                     1.  *Important - examine face and neckline while looking into lighted mirror

                     2.   Wash face thoroughly with soap and water

                     3.   Add 4 ounces of water to 4 ounces of Dynique in a saucepan

                     4.   Heat solution to hot or very hot

                     5.   Soak clean, white washcloth in solution

                     6.   Lay the wet, folded cloth (not too hot) on the smooth side of the strap

                     7.   Apply the chin strap and cloth to the neck,  under the chin and face area

                     8.   Straps should be securely fastened and comfortable

                     9.   Leave on for 45 minutes to 1 hour

                   10.   Remove,  pat face and neck with cold water

                   11.   Look into mirror after removing and 15 minutes later.You should see an immediate difference 

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